Sexy Hiking

Sexy Hiking

Do you ever get tired of the dual greys and browns when you're going camping or hiking? Well there is nothing to worry about, because with the right gear you can start camping sexy ;D

A Girly Tent For SMEXY Hiking

First thing to get if you are hiking, you're going to have to get rid of your boring, green, blue, or brown tent and get something - more pink! Pink is great for visibility, and hungry predators will be able to see you from a mile away - op I mean your hungry friends.

A Sexy Backpack

You will need a backpack to store all your camping gear and accessories. So what better way than to go camping with a sexy girly backpack! You can easily find a pink backpack that can hold all your items and still keep you stylish ;)

Girly Bong

If you're a stoner like me, a girly bong is absolutely a necessity when you're in Colorado, Washington, Michigan, or just anywhere where weed is legal for that matter. Girly bongs look super cute, and hit very well. There are plenty of girly bongs for sale at

Sexy Sleeping bag

Tired of boring unsexy sleeping? A pink sleeping bag is perfect for getting your beauty rest while you camp! Sleeping bags keep you warm at night and give you something absolutely fantastic to snuggle on. Just get one that works for your height!

Sexy Blow Up Pillow

You'll need a sexy blow up doll (I mean pillow) if you are going to go hiking for many days in a row. Blow up pillows are inflatable so that you can easily pack your pillow into a full bag and then inflate it to save space. Inflatable pillows help keep your head comfortable at night, and this pillow is sexy!

Sexy Headphones

If you are going to be sexy hiking for a few days, it would be good to buy a good pair of sexy headphones, to keep yourself entertained as you hike. You can get a good pair in pink and then listen to nice audio books as you go on your trek.

A Sexy Flashlight

It's going to be hard to navigate in the dark without a sexy flashlight. You can get a pink flashlight to hike in the dark with style. Just remember to bring extra batteries.

Sexy Bear Spray

If you spend too many days sexy hiking it won't be long before you come across nature's biggest forest beast, the bear. If a bear comes your way you don't have to run away for your life. Instead you can spray the bear with some sexy bear spray. When the bear sees that you're a sexy hiker, that means business, it will leave you alone.

Mini Sexy GPS Device for Hiking

It's going to be bad if you get lost on a sexy hike. You're going to need pink gps if you want to be sexy when you're getting lost. Some of these gps even allow you to send girly text messages, so we recommend you get a good sexy gps.

A Sexy Water Filter For a Sexy Hike

If you're going to hike sexy you are going to need to drink sexy. While it might not be sexy to drink from a dirty lake. With the right water filter you can drink lake water in style. This pink filter bottle is the way to go!

Micro Sexy Camping Stove

You can't hike sexy without a sexy camping stove. This stove is pink and is perfect for camping out in the wilderness away from everyone. Just be smart about it. Cook outside away from your tent and not inside of your tent.

Sexy Cleaning Wipes

If your hiking and nature calls, you don't want to get feces all over your beautiful hands. That's why it would be good to get some sexy pink cleaning wipes. Once you go and clean your but it will look sexy! again ;)

Sexy Sun Glasses

If you are hiking, and the sun is too bright, we want you to look your sexiest. It's going to be hard to keep sunlight out of your eyes unless you get some sexy pink glasses on your eyes. Sexy Pink sunglasses keep the sun out of your eyes, as you hike, and leaves you feeling like a star.

Sexy Chap Sticks

If you plan to hike for a few days, you want to make sure your lips stay sexy (especially if the weather is dry outside). There are many stores that sell chapstick in fantastic girly flavors and colors. Just remember to put it on everyday if you want your lips to feel moist.

Sexy Hiking SunScreen

If you're outside all day, it's likely for your skin to burn up, so we recommend taking some pink sunscreen on your hikes to keep your skin feeling sexy! IF you don't have sunscreen, it will be easier for you to get sun burned - sun burns are not sexy :(

Sexy Folding toothbrush

If you're hiking, you want to brush your teeth after every meal to keep your smile looking sexy. This sexy toothbrush gets the job done. The toothbrush is pink, and when you finish washing your teeth they will be sparkling and SEXY.

Sexy Pain Killers

If your hiking and your head starts to hurt you're, more than likely, not going to feel sexy :( It's easy to make your head feel good again if you get some sexy pink ibuprofen. Just remember to get the pink pills so that it looks super sexy.

Blow Up Mat

If you're hiking, the ground is likely going to feel painful to you unless you can get an inflatable, or portable mat. We recommend you get a pink mat so you can lay it on the ground and have your back feeling sexy.

Sexy Recording Device

Probably the last thing you will need when hiking is a recording device so that you can remember your trip forever. If you are camping with a friend, you can even turn the video recorder on at night to record something SEXY ;)

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